Listening Is Great, But So Is Asking

We’re all familiar with the expression of ‘listening’ in community management, but are you asking? I’m not talking about asking questions to increase engagement on your social channels, but asking to get feedback, to make things better.

Often companies make changes, and add new features without asking, or even consulting their communities. It’s not always necessary, and if you’re a company like Facebook, you kinda just expect your users to adapt to any changes you make. Asking your community the right questions can be beneficial in many ways.


  • For any feedback on what users like or don’t like about the product or service
  • If there are any features your members would like to see in your product
  • If there’s any type of content they would like to see more/less of
  • Your influencers and advocates to beta test new products/changes before launching them to the public

Your community will appreciate being a part of the picture, and it will help you create a better experience and product for them. After all, the product isn’t really about you, it’s for the people your serving. 


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