This Is Personal

In my previous post I started getting into how the social platforms we use everyday are also being used by marketers, by advertisers to learn what they can about consumers. Tools such as Radian6, FB insights, Sysomos and many others record demographics, sentiment, interests, keywords. These tools are built to pick up on behaviors and patterns and make sense out of all of them. Think of the recommendation tool on Foursquare, and other tools like Bizzy that take the info you give them, and start giving you ideas of other places to go, things to do and things to eat.

It’s all about you, your preferences, things you like. Pretty soon, these apps we use will be sitting on your shoulder, whispering into your ear by name, telling you what your next move is. They’re there to make your life easier, right? Why not start thinking for you, be one move ahead of you. Social networks are great because we share with our closest friends, our circles, get input from them. Deep inside, you have the things that you like. A recommendation from a friend may be great, but it doesn’t mean you’ll love it.

Think about the future of check-ins. Right now, you physically take out your phone and check into a location on Foursquare. From the app, you can see nearby deals, once you meet the requirements of the deal, you can claim it. The thing is, the deals are too broad. Think more personal. What if these apps really learn from us. Instead of pulling out your phone and checking in, all you do is step into a restaurant and the establishment knows you’re there. Based on prior information from your apps, it knows if you’re a vegan or vegetarian. Maybe you eat fish a lot. Your phone vibrates, you pull it out, and you have a personalized deal on your phone for Mahi-Mahi. Maybe if you order it, you get a glass of wine. Based on previous behaviors, its more likely you will order that dish because it’s the most appealing.

Think about shopping. You walk into a mall, and all of a sudden your favorite store in the mall sends you a notification of a deal going on the store because it now knows you’re there, and based on previous shopping history, you find that deal attractive. Maybe you walk into H&M, and from their P.O.S. records, they know you purchase V-Necks the most often. So, you can a personalized deal on your phone, buy two, get one free. It’s about one on one deals. The same thing will hold true online, your computers, tablets, smart phones. They all have the potential to learn about the individual using them, and target ads specifically ad you, with your name front and center. Perhaps as TVs because tethered to same networks our internet devices are using, advertising there as well will be targeted just at the person using it. The XBox lets you log onto individual profiles. With cameras being attached to everything, it’s not to hard for other devices to easily do the same, just by using facial recognition.

While platforms are learning now, I believe the next thing is personalization. While some people thought certain advertising was invasive, do you think this type of advertising would be considered invasive? It’s logical and it makes more sense.  Why waste time, effort and money trying to sell something to someone if it doesn’t make a connection with them?



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2 responses to “This Is Personal

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  2. Amanda, Community Manager at Radian6

    Good ideas and insights. Thanks for including Radian6.

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