The “I Want It Now” Generation

Technological breakthroughs are happening around us every day. The way we communicate is constantly changing and evolving. The way we get our news, pass on information and research information happens in the blink of an eye. If we want something, we’ve got to have it now, we can’t wait for it. We don’t even have to leave our homes to go grocery shopping anymore, we can have those delivered to us simply by ordering online.

I remember back in high school while doing reports, we were still forced to use books, online resources weren’t allowed because their validity was questioned, digital encyclopedias were the only exception. With e-readers, books are heading six feet under. We have the capabilities to load  hundreds if not thousands of books, music and movies in our portable devices.  Everything has to be at our fingertips when we want it. What would happen if we woke up one day and the entire internet went down? We would be damned. That probably wont happen of course.

We’ve become the “I want it now” generation. It’s this mindset that’s allowing for businesses, brands, companies to take real advantage of consumers. For them, it’s become the “what can I learn about them?” generation. With a plethora of analytical  tools out there and recommendation engines, marketers and brands are finding out everything and anything about consumers. With Facebook and now Google+, your profile information is allowing for hyper-targeted ads to focus on you and you alone. While you are putting more and more information out there, there are others soaking in that information to use it later on. The more we want, the faster we want it, the more we adapt, we have to have the new shiny device, we have to be using the next cool platform. It’s in our nature.

While people teeter on the issues of privacy, it’s more likely the Y generation, or younger generation will be less prone to the ideas of privacy. Growing up into the technology, they’ll see it as helpful, fun and beneficial, and that’s the only thing that really matters to them. Does giving up so much information to these marketers, advertisers harm us in anyway?

In my next blog post, I’ll be talking about the future of marketing & advertising and how all this information collected about you will be used to target you, one on one. Remember, anything you say  can and will be used against you in a court of law. That or used for other purposes.

(Update: The follow-up piece:


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