“Like” becomes the new Share Button

If you hadnt noticed before, when you “liked” something on the internet via the like button, it would show up in your news feed as small copy. It wasn’t deemed big enough to show up large-sized in a friend’s news feed. Then you had the share button. The article or media piece you shared showed up big and bold in the news feed. You would see whatever thumbnail photo or video of the article you decided to share. We could go through the internet liking piece after piece and it never became a nuisance on our FB wall. The other day I noticed while using Mashable Follow, which gives me the option to Share (send it to Twitter and FB) that after sharing it and liking it, it showed up twice in my feed as being shared. The previous “like” had changed into a large, news worthy feed post. Which can or cannot seem obtrusive. What does this mean for the “like” button. Will people now limit when they click it so it doesn’t constantly take up too much space on the feed? What will you do?


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