Are You Listening?

Are you listening? Listening to what you may ask? And when I say listening, I also mean reading, understanding, and empathy. This is for the brand, for the advertiser, the marketer.  The hard sell isn’t what sells anymore. When you have the resources to communicate back and forth instantaneously, when nothing can no longer be kept a secret, you need to stop and listen. Listen to the the consumer, to what the people are saying. It doesn’t have to be about your brand necessarily, it can be casual conversation. Social Media has become the new market research. Forget focus groups, you have everything you need using social media channels.

These channels allow you to hyper target small niche groups, in which you can then monitor your results. If all goes well, or not, you have the ability to move around and switch things up, then record your new results. Go where the people go. See what they like, don’t like, want or don’t want. Listen try to understand where they’re coming from and where they want to go. Everyone is a consumer, yeah, you tend to be taught to think differently once in the shoes of a brand, but think about the brands you like. Talk to people around you. You need to genuinely care and think what benefits the consumer is getting from your product. You need to be the friendly neighbor next door who offers up a cup of sugar or friendly advice then they need it.

With so much competition, you need to stand out, be different and let people know what makes you different. What sets you aside from every other cookie, shoe, hairdresser or doctor. Is the consumer just a number orrevenue to you, or someone you really want to benefit from your service or product? People don’t like to be confused, talked down to, don’t use incomprehensible words. You need to keep things simple, like everyday conversation. People seek familiarity. Not everyone is the same of course. Thats why you need to listen to your audience and then modify your plan to adapt to their wants and needs. Its all pretty simple when you get down to it. Just be transparent, and believable, be honest and straightforward. If you make a mistake, fess up, we’re all human and nothing is perfect. Not all mistakes can be fixed of course, but have some sort of plan for when bad things happen. Respond when asked a question, and even reply to a statement, it lets people know theres a face behind the brand.

So listen, I mean REALLY listen, be human and see how it works out for you.


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