Think Before You Post

“Every thing you say can and will be held against you in a state of law.” Does this sound familiar? The same can be held true on the internet. You never know who will read what you post. You might be able to hit delete, but if someone has already read it, the damage is already done. You really want to think before you hit that send button online. Whether you’re a brand, a celebrity, someone in a public spotlight, an influencer, or even an average Joe, think about the outcome before you post something on the internet. Things travel fast and far online and through social media. What you say can have a very negative or a very positive effect on you or whatever you represent. Look at P.R., their  job is to play mediator between a brand and the consumer, they really have to be careful what they say.

As a brand, you need to look at who the consumer is, who you’re trying to reach out to. You need to think like them, learn how they act, how they respond to stimuli. Be afraid of ruining your reputation if its in good shape. If its in bad shape, then see what needs to be done to correct that. From posts that are trying to engage people, to responses to people, whether good or bad, take a quick second to think about whats happening on the other end. You can’t please everyone, it’s impossible to make everyone feel the same about you. Some people are more sympathetic then others, while others are quick to jump at the throat with the tiniest thing. Thats why you need to generalize your target audience in a way. You need to look at the overall picture and try to figure how it will work out. Everyone has their brands they love, they follow. Everyone is a consumer, it shouldn’t be too hard to paint a picture for other brands you might not follow, but represent. Try it out, see how it works out.

Even if you don’t represent a brand, just yourself, you should be careful just as well. If you’re trying to work your way up in this world, you never know who might stumble upon something you posted that could damage your credibility, your work ethic, or you as a person. Take caution. Sure, you might not be serious now, but just think about it. Look at your industry, where you want to be in 5-10 years and see what might work and might not work. You might save yourself down the road by not saying something or posting something because you thought it might be damaging to your image. Its all fun and games until someone gets hurts. Just keep that in mind.


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