Meet Up, Meet People, Do Things

Meet Up has been one of the greatest things since pre-sliced bread. Maybe not the best analogy, but nonetheless, Meet-Up is a great platform. It allows you to build community, network, meet some great people and possibly make some amazing friends. Meet-Up works by allowing an organizer, or group of organizers to create a virtual group then create real meet-ups around any given topic, interest or hobby. Who you meet in these groups is the best part. Granted somewhere like NYC the possibilities are endless because some many people are located in single condensed area and if you live somewhere isolated and cut off from civilization, it might be a bit harder. Nonetheless, you can still meet and chat in a virtual meeting place. Meeting in person is a much better option though if its available.

I haven’t yet created any Meet-Ups, but Im a part of of numerous groups that meet throughout NYC. From board games, to food, to advertising, to technology, to community management, theres always something for me to do every day of the week if I’m open minded. You can’t be shy, you need to be willing to go right up to people and introduce yourself and then keep the conversation going. Feel free to find fun groups to join, but also look into professional networking groups as well. You never know who might show up at a MeetUP. Its a great place to find potential job opportunities if you’re looking in the right place. Its work in the opposite way as well, if you’re looking to hire someone, its a great to meet people and get to know them. There’s just something about having a casual conversation with someone off the books that makes them a better candidate for a position. Its also a great just to learn from each and give lessons over various topics and interests.

Another option is Plancast. Plancast is a similar platform. Its not as in depth as Meetup. You don’t use it to create groups and conversations, its more just for posting an event and allowing people to join up and follow other people’s events on the site. Its still a great way to find events to go to. On Plancast, you can search plans, people or categories.

So find what interests you, look it up and join a group. You won’t be disappointed in the outcome. Whats the worst thing that can happen?


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