6 Months Later in NYC

Well, a lot has happened since I decided to make the move to NYC. I had plenty of mixed views of what would come. I still have plenty of mixed views. The city didn’t get any cleaner, any less crowder or any warmer. In the city infamous for rude and selfish people, I found something completely different. I found what I wanted to do. I found Community. After flipping through majors in college, and finally flying to NYC for a breath of fresh air, well, maybe not fresh air, but at least a new perspective, I found something Im honestly passionate about. NYC is great for networking events. These small events tend to be hyper-targeting towards niche networks. Within these networks, community is built, people can learn and inspire each other. Im not saying you can’t find this elsewhere. NYC just has it on a much larger scale. Getting into the mix isn’t really that hard at all.

Its been quite the ride. Ive met some amazing people through these networks. Ive had lunch, gone to events, hung out with people I’ve met. They’re helping me grow, and hopefully I can inspire them and offer up something else as well. Community isn’t about taking, its about giving and exchanging. Online or offline, its been amazing. This is why I would love to work as a community manager. It gives you a chance to build community for something, for someone. All in all, its not too far off from my love for branding. It all ties into each other one way or another. Branding is about building a face for a brand, something that is living and breathing, can act and react with real people. That brand needs to build community, leverage social networks to thrive in today’s society. People connect on multiple levels and exchange information faster then ever before. This is what I want to be a part of. Plain and simple. I just want to thank NYC for so much opportunity, for all those who have inspired so far in my journey.


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