My Time As An Intern

Internships are supposed to be there to help you gain real world experience in a job market you would like to work before you actually get there. School is great and the education behind it, but you can only go so far inside the classroom. The classroom is all suggestive, rhetoric in a sense. During your stay at school, its recommended you work internships to gain this so-called real world experience so when you graduate, it will be on your resume that you have real world experience  and you’ll most likely get hired. While some us get through without internships and land a job outside of school others can run through multiple internships before landing a job that suits them.

With internships, you have the ability to learn way more then you could ever learn through school. Everybody is different in a sense. Someone like me for example learns a lot better under pressure and through real, hands on experience. I can get a lot more through working in the field and on my own then in a classroom. That can be a problem. In real life, people don’t like at that. They don’t care so much about your real hands on experience, that want to see that Bachelor or even Masters degree with a 3.5-4.0 GPA to be satisfied. While for some the whole system works perfectly and flawlessly, for others, its collapsed bridge.

While through school, I still wasn’t completely sure what I wanted. I switched majors, tossing around three thousand dollar courses I was borrowing for. After being so in decisive, I went through six years of no degree. It was the time off I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life. Now thats a problem. After borrowing so much money, what do I have to show for it? Sure, the latter time at school was the catalyst into what I finally wanted to do with life, but companies don’t care about that, they want to see a diploma. So what can I do? I can intern after intern, I can study and learn more then I probably could through classes. The thing is, can I land a career without that piece of paper. Sure I would like to finish what I started, but my last declared major doesn’t exactly fit in what I want to do, and neither do the projects tied with it. They just don’t appeal to me anymore, and its not a major I can’t take likely, its something to have to whole-heartily be in love with. What is the next step?

Do I look for another unpaid internship while I struggle to make money on the side, and to live in NYC? Can an internship lead to a job without that degree everyone wants? Who knows? Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


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  1. I do think an internship can lead to a job with out that little piece of paper so many covet. I believe it’s primarily a matter of Standing Out, Over delivering, Physic guessing over and above everyone else.
    I would love to know the different fields and topics in your blog post.
    Very Interesting.
    Look forward to more.

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