The Future of the News, The OS, and Social Media

Technology changes, society changes, the way people communicate changes. What once was, will cease to exist. Nothing in life is bound to stay the same. We like change, to make things easier, faster, better. We as human like empowerment, to feel on top of the world. At least some of us do, I can’t speak for everyone. Over time though, I do believe that the way of think has evolved and changed. Our society and surroundings affect the way we think, act, do, and react to everything around us. We need to be quick thinkers, always evolving our train of thought, pushing the boundaries of whats capable in our physical world. A hundred years ago, who would have thought that computer could have existed, let alone the power behind wifi and sending audio, video and files wireless through the air. What is possible? Who knows what mankind will be doing in another 100, 1000 years. Maybe man is doomed to destroy itself, perhaps not. Only time can tell and no can predict that. The point is, technology is changing fast, now. The rate of evolution is picking up constantly. The way we see the news now and communicate will be different in 5 years, maybe a lot different then now. Lets take a look at the now.

News is just something we can’t seem to live without. From the first printing press and the newspaper to the radio, to TV, the internet and E-Readers. We want to know whats going on everything at any given time. Originally the news was dedicated to the those special enough to do it for a living, the reporters, the film crew, the writers. You could read the paper in the morning, watch the evening news. Now you don’t have to wait. Everything is live and constant. The thing about the news was, its biased. Anyway you have it, people are opinionated. Sure, people can try to be neutral in reporting the news, but it doesn’t always come out that way. Mobile technology and social media is changing the way we think of news. Anyway can report the news from pretty much anything as its going from the phones. Especially smart phones. People are getting the power of reporting it, updating it in real time and spreading it like wildfire across the internet. What does this mean for news? Sure, we can choose to believe those who do it for a living. Or maybe we rather believe our friend who is right on the scene reporting it. It also can be helpful for the reporters as well, it just means they mean to be quicker on their feet, perhaps tweeting as something is going on. No time to sit and edit a piece before it’s published.

Its social media making this possible, right? Sure, social media is changing the way the world communicates. Its speeding things up, making everything instantaneous. You post a message, it hits the internet at that second is available over the internet. It also adds power to the consumer, allowing them to interact with their favorite or not-so-favorite brands and speak their minds, and the brand speaks back then and there. If not, brands need to learn how to empower their company by integrated a social media program. Most likely there’s someone out there someone talking about you and should be there listening. No snail mail, or waiting on hold on the phone trying to get hold of a real person. Social media allows you meet and network with people you’ve never met before. Meeting new people is always cool, it could possibly help you’re career at some point. You can meet people with similar interests and hobbies, maybe you’ll even meet you significant other through social media means. It’s happening now more then you might think. There are companies dedicated to help you find a date through social media. Social media can be used in many ways. It is the current wave of communication and will continue to grow and evolve. The thing is, how much further can it be integrated into our lives.

Social media is changing the way our current web experience is changing. Starting with a beta internet browser called RockMelt that incorporates social media channels into its build, its most likely bound to be built into the future OS. When you look at Facebook currently, it went from a college based network to an almost complete browsing experience. It allows for companies, brands and celebrities to build pages entirely within the platform. You no longer have to go to say Instead you just visit the fan page. As pages get more complex and detailed, the pages feature about everything you need. Some even allow you shop and purchase right within the page. Forget the internet browser. Still, you’re using a browser to visit Facebook, and there’s still a lot to be done elsewhere. In the future, it could all be built into one platform. While play around back and forth closing, opening, minimizing and maximizing windows when you can tab or do it from one place. It would make things just that one step easier. That’s what its all about, making things streamlined, easier and faster. Apple is hard at work changing it OS. The iOS is changing the way we see the current OS. With the preview of their next version, we can see where its going. Its a simple, clean interface, nice little icons and folders, gestures and more. Everything can be just be accessed from a single desktop. No more sifting through multiple folders on desktop, going through directories. Apple did it the right way when it wasn’t doing what Microsoft was with every little file visible for installed applications. The normal computer user doesn’t want to see that stuff.

Hopefully we’ll see some crucial changes rolling out over the next couple years with everything computer, tech, mobile and social media related. After all, we want everything to be as easy as possible. People work hard to make like simple for others. I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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