Who Do You Know? (Meeting the right people through Social Media)

Are you social, do you consider yourself social? Ive been using Facebook since it began as college-only social media website. I’ve seen it grow and evolve over the years. It took on features of sites like MySpace, but also ignore annoying features as well. I’ve always tended to used it for people I knew personally. I still do personally. I don’t accept random friend requests. Occasionally I’ll go through a cleaning phase. These days I’ll follow fan pages and I’ll add/accept people I haven’t met personally, but they have to be crucial in some way. It’s going to be networking, giving and receiving in one way or another.

Twitter on the other and an entirely different platform in it’s own. Throughout I’ve done things and met people I probably couldn’t have met elsewhere. It’s a world that’s becoming more socially connected everyday, you can meet about anyone. I do mean anyone, not everyone. Anyone in the sense of all walks of life. Through these connections, a lot is possible. Finding people doing the things you want to is bonus as well as those doing the same. It’s a great way to learn about the personal lives of those who inspire you, granted they’re using the same channel you do. Hey, you might be surprised what you learn about someone. Sure, a lot of people talk about nonsense on Twitter. I try to stick to meaningful banter. I recommend the same unless your someone in the spotlight people obsess over. Otherwise people won’t care. I’ve unfollowed plenty of people who’s nonsense got annoying over and over.

The point is, meet people, search for people. There is opportunity out there if you’re reaching out to the right people. I’ve met some pretty amazing people through social media channels, some at places i would love to work for in my time. You of course should have a good resume to show before trying to get in somewhere you’re not qualified. Then you look like a fool for trying too hard. Use the resources available to you. Network within your industry.


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