Don’t Be Shy

One of the big things in today’s society is something we call networking. Social media makes that easier then ever. If its there, use it. There are plenty of ways to network these days. You can’t be afraid of meeting new people You’ll never know who you’ll meet these days, anything is possible. Some prime examples of networking are through Twitter, Facebook, Tweetups, Meetup, conferences, internships and social events. Use searches, find people doing the same thing you do. Find thee big shots, follow them, mention them, comment on things they write, their blogs if you can. When you don’t have to see them in person, its a little easier talking to them through text and internet. You’d be surprised when can get done through a site like Twitter. There are plenty of people I’ve met through Twitter I couldn’t have met elsewhere.

Meetup and Tweetups are a little different. They require you to go out there and meet new people in person and actually talk to them. Make sure you know what you’re talking about before hand. Meetup is about planning social events around like-minded people and interests. It can be about anything, from tech to food, to animal lovers and thespians. If possible, have a business card on hand. At these events, you just want to listen and talk and meet people, talk about similar interests, learn from each other. You can’t be afraid to meet people though, its the way it works. If possible, see who’s going to these events before hand and engage in conversation so you have people to look forward to meeting in person.

Tweetups is a meetup based on sending out a tweet inviting a group of people to get together for a gathering of anything. Its good if you want to get a message out to people in your area you may be following on Twitter or are following you and don’t each others contact information other then that. I’ve never tried it, but I have friends that have used it one time or another. Its too a great way to meet people in person you’ve on a site like Twitter.

Networking is a great way to meet people in places where you may want to work. Connections are always a bonus these days. This person works here, or this person know that person. You never know what things will happen if you never try.


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