Facebook Places Gets A Facelift

So Facebook just held a new press conference to introduce the new feature of it’s Places mobile platform. As suspected, they are rolling out similar features to Foursquare, allowing users and businesses to interact through checking in and offering deals. The business is able to log in to their Facebook page and offer deals and discount to users on check-in. They have  four different options for check-in: single user check-ins, group check-ins, loyalty check-ins for the regular customers and for charity. The user then checks in to the deal on their phone and shows the screen to the person working at the business to get that deal.

North Face for one is doing a check-in for charity, donating $1 for every check-in up to $150,000. Gap is also going to be giving away 10,000 free pairs of jeans to first 10,000 check-ins as all as 40% to those afterwords. There also other businesses that are offering similar deals with Facebook as well. Deals will be rolling out slowly over the next few days with Chipotle as one of the first restaurants already signed up.

Facebook might not be on par with the gaming part of Foursquare badges or mayorships, but the deals are on par, if not better. As the launch rolls forward and more businesses start offering deals with Places, it should show a lot of promise and incentive for mobile users. For those without smartphones and the iPhone, you’re out of luck.

Update: List of Deals With Facebook Places


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