How the Marathon went Social

The NYC Marathon is right around the corner on November 7th. As technology is changing, so does the feature benefits of geo-location. For those in the running world, you’re most likely aware of mobile applications like iMapMyRun which uses geo-tracking to map your route. Then there was Nike+ which let the user to set goals and keep track of their runs, as well as make playlists and challenges to run to with thanks to a small sensor that attached to the shoe. Through iTunes, people are also able to make community playlists to share with others. Musical playlists can be a great motivational piece, as songs with rhythm and beat can help motivate, and a power song to help give you an added burst of energy.  With a later update came Nike+ Gps, which incorporated the GPS feature of the iPhone to help further track runs. Through Nike Running and a FB application, runners are then able to upload their data  and share with other runners to help build a community. People could then share their experiences, routes, diets, tips and more.

With events such as  the NYC Marathon, triathlons and other similar races, these activities help create a massive community of like minded people. Each runner this year will receive a chip called the D-Tag that attaches to their shoe to keep track of every mile completely on the route. Tracking can then be monitored through SMS or the Web. There also will be a mobile application available on iTunes. The application can then be purchased, downloaded and used by a friend or family member. This application will allow

  • Live race-day video feeds of the professional race
  • The five-hour NBC 4 New York show
  • Live blogging
  • Real-time photos
  • Elite runner leaderboard
  • Individual runner split tracking
  • “Cross-Path” feature displays your location with respect to the runner
  • Spectator map
  • Athlete profiles
  • News and alerts
  • Twitter feeds (#ingnycm)

As the runners are engaged in their marathon,  tweets can be posted with updates of their marathon status, which of course can also be synced to Facebook if so chosen. When the marathon is said and done, they can look back at the records of everything they accomplished, share it, post it and talk about it with others.

If you’re an avid runner and haven’t tried one of these  applications, its something to definitely try. It will certainly  inspire and motivate you to push yourself harder. Go out there, run and build community while you’re staying fit and active.


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