When Does Social Media Become Too Much to Handle

While MySpace, Facebook and Twitter become the pioneers of what we call “Social Media,” there are hundreds of other so-called social media platforms out there as well. While most of them integrate with the large platforms, you still need to use each application individually. Its nice that there are applications of all shapes and sizes out there, catered to all different types and interests. From checking into places and earning badges, to playing games to finding great beer, these social applications can become a bit cluttered. When does it become too much? Using one application here, another there, 2 or 3 at this location. It can and will become a nuisance. That could become a problem for social media. It could wear out from too much usage. How much is too much, when does it end, how does it end, can it end? What can be done about it? People have different interests and as long as that holds true, start-ups are going to focus on building applications that cater to each and every one of them. You name it, its probably done or in the works.

Facebook seems to lay the groundwork for all things social media. Most applications link to Facebook and Twitter these days. What can Facebook do about the clutter? Maybe its just something we’re going to have to get used to. One day everyone will be using a smart phone and we’ll be using a million different applications for all different things, or maybe not. Maybe someone will come up with a solution to the problem. Do we need a master application that integrates everything into one user interface, even that may seem like a bit too much. Only time will tell where social media goes from here. Maybe its just me. Do you want to be using 10 or 20 different applications everywhere you go for everything you do?


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