Using Social Media to Scare You (Literally)

While companies are learning to leverage social media, geo-location and various other technologies to better their businesses and companies, they  go through plenty of trial and error. A colleague of mine wrote a blog about an example of good use of social media and a campaign that went terribly wrong. Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare can be powerful if used in the right way, and very harmful if used in the wrong way. A fair warning, before launching a campaign, make sure everything is set in place to make it go right way. Companies are always trying to find new, innovative and exciting ways to make social media campaigns work, thats what you need to do. On a previous article, I threw out some ideas of ways to leverage social media and why you should try to come up with different ways to use it.

Feel free to read the article I linked about two campaigns, one involving Pee-Wee Herman and one involving Marc Jacobs. New York city seems to be a great place for places to use social media since its such a hub and you can find any business of any sort. One social media campaign that struck me recently  involves a haunted house. It’s that time of year, Halloween is around the corner and for some of us, we get thrills by meandering through haunted houses, not knowing whats behind every corner. This one is called Haunted Superstitions, you can visit their site here. This haunted house is geared more towards adults 18+ because of how intense the thrills and chills are. They do offer tours the younger crowd a couple of times a week as well. It’s a haunted house you’ll have to experience yourself. Lets get to the point. This haunted house is using social media in ways. You of course can do the usual, become a fan on Facebook and get a discount, check in on foursquare and get a discount as well. Now follow them on Twitter and once a night they’ll tweet something that can get you get a discount of some sort, or a gift. To take it even further, they’ll tweet an hour before an evening tour, a word, a phrase and you use it while on the tour to the “actors” inside, granted you aren’t to scared to confront them. Once given the word, expect something different then the usual when you say it to them. Maybe it will help you loosen up a bit. Check it out if you have a minute this Halloween. The house is located at the NOHO Event Center 623 Broadway at Houston.


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