The Voice Within (Leveraging Social Media and Geo-Location in New Ways)

Mobile applications and cell phones have helped take social media to a new level. Everyday people are finding new ways to share content and media with those around them. While companies and businesses are learning how to use the technology, it’s also making things easier and giving more power to the consumer. In cases where a consumer originally thought that they had no voice in a situation, they can now be heard. Or perhaps they don’t like to speak out, they come across as a little reserved and rather type instead of talk. What are new ways consumers can be heard? We all know we can mention companies and businesses on Twitter and Facebook and hope to hear back or get our questions answered. Twitter incorporates hashtags to create topics others can join in on and trend with. Geolocation takes that a step further and let’s us see where those people are saying it.

Now let’s take it even further. For those who go out to eat and their meal is all wrong and they’re the type who goes with it doesn’t speak up, or confront their server. They pull out their phone and tweet about it. The business has a way to constantly monitor anything being sad about them based on search and location. The guest then gets a response back and the problem is solved. Maybe you’re out shopping and there’s something you can’t find, something is out of stock, any problem you might have, it  can be worked with. Through location and your phone, you can be helped within minutes. Or maybe you’re at a movie theater, it’s too cold, too hot, the speakers or projector are messed up. A quick tweet can let someone know. Consumers are speaking out and businesss need to learn how to listen and come up with new ways to listen. It’s all about building relationships and credabilty. Do what can you can to use the technology available to your advantage. Find new ways to communicate, listen and learn.


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