The Importance of Networking 101

Its not always about how good you are, its about who you know. Sometimes the key to landing an amazing job is through networking, connections with people connected to your industry. If someone knows you and what you do, that can be easily used to help land you an amazing job if they know someone who can hire you. In the old days, making connections and networking wasn’t as easy as it is today. Social media makes networking a lot easier then you may think. Twitter is probably one of  the biggest tools you can use to network. LinkedIn can be a great tool as well as well as jibe. Jibe is still fairly new and growing. Jibe is a tool used to leverage your already created profiles in both Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter I believe is that initial tool to get you connected where you might want to be. The point is, you have to try. Sometimes living in cities like NY can be a bonus if you find events to go to, some sponsored by MeetUp, I’ll get to that later.

Lets start with Twitter. Twitter allows you to follow those that inspire you, people that are part of networks you want to be in, that work in the same industry. Your goal is to follow them and read what they’re saying, follow their links. Twellow is a website created to make yellow pages of Twitter accounts so you can search what kind of people you might want to follow. Once you’re following people, you need to start engaging. Respond to what they’re saying, retweet what they say if its inspiring to you. You need to create lists of those that inspire you. Try and create a single personality for yourself. If you like social media, talk about it, follow those who do the same, engage and post similar things, create a Twellow account, put yourself out there. In doing this, you’ll eventually meet people. Make yourself interesting, say things people will want to listen to. Over time I’ve gotten in touch with people I would have never thought possible. Once following people and they’re following you back, you can then dm them and hopefully build better relationships and make connections. It works, just try.

Another great way to network is through MeetUp. MeetUp is a community based on small niche based communities. It allows for people in social networks to create events based on similar interests. If you like dogs, search for an event relating to dog lovers. If you don’t see one, create one and hopefully people will find it and attend as well. Promote it.  Its a great way to build community with those around you with similar interests and network while doing it. Don’t be afraid of going out and meeting new people.  Be optimistic, outgoing and friendly.

Sure, you might have a great portfolio/resume, but it can help a lot by knowing the right people. There are other ways to to network as well. Take the time to do the research, grow, educate yourself and learn. It takes time to make to grow your network, it doesn’t happen overnight. The big thing is trying, you’ll never know if you don’t try.


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