Being On Top of Things

In a world where information is available wherever you turn, whether its mobile or through social media, it’s getting easier for consumers to know whats going on about their favorite, or not so favorite brands. Consumers love to trash talk or appraise brands. It’s up to the brands to know every possible detail about whats going on around them so when problems arise, they know how to deal with the situation than and there. With thanks to social media, everything is dealt with, hopefully in real-time. A few steps a brand can take to be prepared include:
1.Keeping an eye on the different channels people might be talking about them. This would include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, SocialSmack(which is a fairly new social media site dedicated to listing a brand, giving it props or dropping it and then giving a reason why. It also allows for the owner of the brand to claim their ownership as well as integrating with Facebook and Twitter.) , Google and many others resources. There are also various other applications that help you search through these sites and find more information relating to your topic.
2.Next is knowing whats going on in your industry. Have an idea with what other similar companies are up, if they’re getting slack or doing things the right way. Be aware of things like materials, labor, outsourcing, manufacturing, recycling, sustainability, renewable energy, anything thats helping the environment or taking a green initiative.
3. The media is always something to be aware of as well. Read through news articles online and in print. Use all your resources available. See if there are any documentaries relating to your industry. There are many film makers out there eager to document about anything these days and some of these films can be found on Netflix and Hulu.
It will be a lot easier for the P.R. or social media team to be prepared for anything that comes their way. It will also look a lot better for the brand if they’re able to handle a situation head-on as soon as it arrives and are able to take care of right of the bat. Make your customers happy and you’ll know your doing things right. Are you taking the initiative?

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