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We all have our favorite brands and the brands that we loathe. We love to love and we love to hate brands, sometimes for the right or wrong reasons. The point is, our opinions on a brand can sway one or another. Maybe you grew up loving a certain brand and they did everything you expected of them so you never had a reason to go elsewhere. Maybe a brand disappointed you, you had bad customer service, it turned out to be a bad product or the price just wasn’t right for you. There are plenty of ways out there to review companies and services. Location based applications like Yelp and Foursquare let people write tips on the go. Then theres always of course good ole google maps and plenty of other ways.

One site I’ve come across is called Social Smack, just The website lets your post a brand and you have an option to give it props, or drop it. You also have to post a comment with your reply. You also have the option to post your reply to Twitter. The website also allows you to claim your brand as well. The site hasn’t gained too much popularity as some of the brands only have a couple hundred comments at most. It does have potential. A mobile application is in the works as well. Like other “social platforms” you can earn badges. As I’ve only earned two so far, I’m not sure what the other ones are. Its a great way for brands to see what people are saying about their brand in a controlled setting without having to siphon a lot of other stuff like on a FB page. Another great feature comes in the settings. The site allows you to check off if you want the brand to be able to see your profile after you post a comment as well as contact you. This is a great feature for looking at demographics and getting feedback if you had something really nasty to say, or maybe had a great experience and potentially work things out in the back. At the same time, its yet another site for a brand to  monitor and respond to. With multiple social sites commenting brands, it can become a little overwhelming to keep track of everything. Linking it to bigger sites like FB or Twitter would definitely help with that issue. I would like to see how it works out over the next few months to a year.


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  1. Thanks for the blog – PROPS to you for taking the time to write. The iPhone app is now available and we have many more badges coming very soon. I hope you follow SocialSmack and I look forward to your future thoughts.
    Thanks – Dave

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