The Social Networking Power of Twitter

If it weren’t for Twitter, I probably wouldn’t have a chance to get in touch with those that inspire me. With a few tweets, I’ve gotten the top three inspirations to respond to me in a tweet. I read their blogs, their books, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Only one of them is now following me, but its pretty amazing. As I continue to further my education, work on my writing skills and challenge myself further, I can hopefully leverage myself through these connections on Twitter I wouldn’t have been able to make elsewhere. That is why Twitter is so amazing. During Twitter’s keynote this past week they made a statement saying they aren’t a social network. I don’t believe they can say that. Sure, it can be considered a micro-blogging site, sure they want it be for news and other related mediums. Its still a part of social media and social networking. They expend the application to incorporate video and pictures, it even furthers its ability as a social network and people will continue to use in that way, its inevitable. Im sure there are many other people agree. Sure, my voice in Twitter is mainly professional, tweets involving marketing, tech & social media, as well as most of those I follow are in a related industry. I still use it for social aspects, talking to friends about everyday life, its short, sweet and to the point. I’m not one for tweeting about every detail of my life, and I think thats what Twitter is trying to stay away from. People will continue to do what they love to do. So Twitter, don’t fight it, just keeping doing what your doing, and try not to worry on what you categorize yourself as so much.


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