A Digital Presence, No Longer an Option

While many companies still aren’t using Facebook, Twitter or Fourquare, others don’t use computers, take only cash and use ancient methods for record keeping. Soon before long, these companies won’t be able to survive in the future ahead of us. Technology and consumer trends are pushing us in a different direction. What is the future of currency, international currency? What does it mean for those who can’t afford to keep up with technology or simply refuse to? Many new things lie in the future ahead of us.

With rumors of publications calling it quits on the physical newspaper in the future, new digital credit cards, E-readers, and even using your mobile device to pay for things, it only makes sense to adapt. As technology grows and the future generations become accustomed to it, its life. When you dine out, travel, seek entertainment, you look to the Internet and and mobile devices. Social Media allows a community of followers where everyone can interact, share and learn from each other. Think of movies like Minority Report, Gattaca, and other futuristic sci-fi films where the impossible is now becoming the possible.

Mankind will constantly work to better itself and makes our lives that much easier, or complicated if you think that way. It’s just the way things are. Educate yourself on the technologies of tomorrow and find out how your company will survive.


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