Up in the Cloud

The word cloud may mean many things to many different people. To any normal person, a cloud is something you learn about in science class, a part of nature. To anyone using technology, the “cloud” is something a lot different. For example when your using the internet, your listening to music, watching videos, the physical files aren’t located on your computer. You’re streaming everything from a central location. In a way, the actual storage, or server the files are coming from can be considered a “cloud.”

The thing is, with files getting larger and people traveling and working from different locations, it not always convenient to be carrying everything with you. You might see articles online popping up here and there about services offering cloud based computing. Right now, media is the big hitter behind cloud based storage. I for one like to collect a good amount of music and videos. My iPhone isn’t big enough to hold everything I own. Instead I am limited to what I can carry with me.  If iTunes introduced cloud based storage for their media, I would be able to access it from a wireless device anywhere, granted I had a connection to receive it. That can be a big issue, especially in a place like NYC where you travel the subway and constantly lose connection, even various spots around the city. You lose your signal and whatever you were streaming. Hopefully in the future those issues will be fixed. One benefit of the cloud is that you wouldn’t have to spend big money on physical storage for your media. Instead you would be paying for whatever space you’re using in the cloud.

Google is said to be in the works to launch a music service by Christmas time. Their service is suggested to offer digital downloads as well as a cloud based subscription.Verizon is also working hard to get cloud based storage to your door step at an affordable price with a decent amount of storage. Cloud based storage would also allow you to theoretically share your files with other people as well, making the media or files even more accessible to whoever you want to share it with. There are multiple benefits to cloud based storage. Netbooks as well could use clouds to their advantage as they use smaller drives. Sure, with advances in SSD technology, you get smaller, less energy consumption drives, but they are still rather pricey for larger capacities. You would find it really convenient to be able to access your files anywhere you go.

So hopefully, as wireless networks expand and high speed internet can be found everywhere, cloud based storage will become more readily available. You’ll be able to access your music, your videos, files and more wherever you travel in the world as well as sharing them with whomever. It is available now of course. If you scan the internet, you’ll find various companies offering up services. Just make sure to do a little research before making a decision to see what works best for you.


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