The Future of Brand Websites

Most of us are aware of how big Facebook is, the benefits of Twitter, so forth and so on.While so many people are frequenting Facebook pages for their favorite brand, actual visits to brand websites are decreasing dramatically. For example, Coca Cola’s fan page has over 11.5 million fans. When everyone is already using Facebook, it only makes sense to stick within the platform itself. While for other brands, its still easier to visit their website to gather more information and experience more extensive materials. Nike for example, an innovative sports brand needs their website for all the media and information that they use. Facebook of course allows for integration of multiple applications that allow for many things and its constantly changing and being update. The future of brand websites may all run from a single platform like Facebook in the future. It will become one giant community where you can find anything, anyone, and interact with everything you see. It only makes sense for companies to make  bigger emphasis on using something like Facebook to draw more traffic to their business.

With HTML5 pushing forward and other similar platforms, it may make it easier to run more intricate applications within Facebook pages. With these applications you may never need to follow through to a brands website, everything will be right there on the brand page.

Mobile applications make it a lot easier as well. With smart phones getting faster and mobile browsers adopting these new platforms, anything is possible. If you’re on your iPhone, it might be a lot easier just to visit a page within your Facebook application rather then pulling out the browser and visiting a mobile website. It allows for more easy accessibility. You can find hours, phone numbers, company information and even place orders all through the Facebook application. Social Media is pushing towards community and a seamless integration between all platforms. If you want to drive traffic somewhere, drive it to a Facebook page since that’s where the majority of people will be. Then you can have a link to your website and if people aren’t getting what they need from the FB page, they can follow through to the website. You need to go where the people are. As companies learn the benefits of leveraging social media, it will only grow and evolve into something we never knew it could be. Thats why everyone needs to be informed of how to adapt and make use of the technologies readily available.

(Update) Twitter has announced an update that they will be incorporating media now into their streams as they have made partnerships with various companies including YouTube and Flickr. This should play another big part in the way companies interact with customers through social media rather then a brand website.


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