Technology, Religion & Social Media

With Social Media growing and expanding, it allows for more community within networks. Companies can become closer with their consumers and talk with them in real time no matter where they are in the world. Also as time goes on, companies come and go. We see larger companies buying out smaller ones to gain market share. This enables mass companies to take control over mass amounts of people. Again, they can try to leverage social media to keep smaller communities with their customers so they don’t feel so much like a conglomerate. With companies growing regionally and internationally, technology allows various mediums to help people keep in contact with each other. Our internet is getting faster every day as well as increased speeds for mobile devices and better cameras as well. With Cisco promoting the “Human Network, ” the goal is make everyone in the world connected to someone else somehow, taking down whatever boundaries we can.

Recently I was made aware of how big the Jewish community is in NYC and how big the holidays are as well. I was oblivious. The CEO of the company I intern with posted a video about how their services are broadcast on smartphones. In my experiences, I’ve attended “satellite” churches. In satellite, I mean a makeshift location that broadcasts a service from somewhere else via the internet. Again, Facebook is big medium as well as the man who is tweeting the entire bible. What does mean for religion? First of all, it may help with the “community” of the church. . Such large establishments can mean many other things as well. This may help tear down the walls between all the different churches of specific denominations as people are able to connect with others. A church I’ve been frequenting for example has various locations throughout NYC as well a branching out to Boca Raton, Florida. Financially speaking, this can be good for the church since they don’t have to pay for preachers in various churches, as they stream the main speaker the internet to the satellite locations. Members can also stay at home and watch services from their couches or even when they’re traveling. At the same time it takes away from the personable. You can’t physically talk to the minister which is kind of a let down. So, only time can tell what the church will be like in twenty years.


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