Facebook Places & SCVNGR vs Foursquare: Who’s Up to Bat?

By now, most people should be quite aware of Foursquare, at least if you keep up with social media and location based platforms. It has its benefits, its popular features. Its a game you play with friends, with yourself. You earn badges, mayorships, read tips, post tips and even check into specials at many different places. After the launch of Facebook places, people were talking, wondering how it would stand up to Foursquare. The next day the numbers were released, Foursquare shot up to 3 million users. Amazing, right? So what about the competition?

SCVNGR is an application originally built as a game engine back in 2009 for companies to use to create location based challenges for consumers. You can find out more here. In May of 2009, it was considered a threat to Foursquare since it was backed by google. Despite its efforts, it managed to stay in the dark quite a bit and never managed to gain as much hype as Foursquare or Gowalla. Since the release of Places, the company has created a new partnership and a new venture. With the two working hand in hand, SCVNGR is now a location based application built around the same grounds as Foursquare. There are challenges you can take part in, share location with friends, earn points and earn badges. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? Places has helped put the application on the grid. Recently they’ve hit the top 50 apps on iTunes and in the past 48 hours surpassed 100,000 downloads. Thats 50,000 a day compared to the 18,000 with Foursquare. The company itself hasn’t released official numbers on how its doing overall. With the company’s partnership with Google, Facebook as well as a “sophisticated rewards system” and numerous other partnerships, it feels like they have a chance to make things happen. Check them out on the iTunes app store or their home page. Who’s side will you choose? What does Scvngr even stand for?


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