Sexy, Funny, Ingenious, The Appeal of Viral Marketing

So your friend sent you this youtube video you thought was absolutely hilarious, and you sent it someone else and so forth and so on. It turns out the video links back to a brand, say Old Spice, Burger King, etc. It begins to spread through your social network like a virus. This is what we call Viral Marketing. When something you find on the internet grabs your attention for reason or another and you just have to share it with everyone. Youtube is a big player in the world of viral marketing, mainly because anyone can upload a video (within reason) and share it with the masses. There are of course other types of viral, interactive and flash based websites can be considered viral marketing. Pretty much anything shared on the web over and over. Every company would love for their online campaign to go viral. This also can be called word of mouth marketing, since its the consumer spreading your campaign all over the net. The question is, do you have the creative mind, that one extraordinary idea that everyone will love and want to share with everyone they know?

Recently I’ve come across a campaign from a European correction fluid brand called Tipp-Ex. The campaign is found on their YouTube page and called the TippExperience. You can find it here: The Tipp Experience. The experience lets the user interact by typing in preset keywords or related keywords that link to various short video clips of the actors in the ad. In the past, similar campaigns have run for called the Virtual Bartenders, which is no longer active and Burger King’s: The Subservient Chicken which can be found here as well: The Subservient Chicken.

Burger King Viral

Viral Marketing has proved to be very successful for a lot of brands, as it brings lots of attention to a brand’s products. Old Spice’s “Smell Like a Man” campaign with Isaiah Mustafa helped increased sales by a huge margin.

If you have the creativity and the resources, go out there and create the next amazing piece of viral marketing we all would love to watch and share with our friends. Check out The Viral Blog for weekly top viral videos and to learn more about how to create your own top viral video. Go out and create.


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