Social Media & The Dating Game

We live in a world where we make our personal lives public. On Facebook we share our interests, photos, videos, and more. We use Twitter to post updates on every little thing we do. On Twitter you can generally follow whoever you want with most profiles being public.  Facebook is pretty much open ended when it comes to privacy issues. What does this mean for the dating world? What does this mean for stalking?

Before you even start dating someone, theres an open invitation to look through entire photo albums, look at friends, and everything else available on Facebook. Of course you can set your privacy to friends, friends or friends or network. If you’re already their friend, you can’t stop them. You never really know who’s going through your photos or obsessing over you. This could make things potential awkward, weird or worse. Then again, maybe the opposite. It does take the charm out of getting to know a person if you can cycle through their profile.

How far into a relationship do you actually add that someone as a friend. Adding that someone as a friend can be a big step in the dating game. You’re potentially opening  up a whole new world to that person. What if you decide things don’t work out and you never want to see them again after a couple dates. Sure, you can unfriend them, but they’ve already had access to your entire profile. There is of course an option to limiting your profile to a certain person on Facebook, but how many people actually sit down and do it. When do you decide “I’m going to add them on Facebook or follow them on twitter? Is it a mutual agreement or does one just try to add the other one. Is it weird to go home after your first date and have a friend request? Do you accept, deny, or let it sit. Do you let the other person know you aren’t ready to go that far? It might sound weird reading this, but it really is a big step.

Once you figure out that situation, then there’s your relationship status on facebook. A relationship is publicly official when you post it on facebook for everyone to see. You can set it to “in a relationship”, who you’re in a relationship or an open relationship, whatever message that sends about you. How do you decide which you want? Is that something you discuss with your bf/gf? I’m dating someone, but I don’t want anyone to know who or maybe one person wants to make it public on their page and the other one doesn’t. Saying you’re in an open relationship, what does that mean, you aren’t exclusive? Are you still available if it’s open? Then you have the infamous break up. Gotta love it when someone’s status goes to single. That’s when the comments start coming in from the peanut gallery, I mean friends. People are happy for you, upset, mad or clueless. Facebook is the official word of a relationship status. Then of course you have the engaged option and married, which can run in a similar manner. An engagement breakup over Facebook has to be even worse. Everybody on your social network knows as soon as it changes because it shows up in the newsfeed. Word spreads fast over the internet. That’s why its probably better just to leave everything blank if you want to stay away from all the drama of social media relationship status.

Its a nosey world out there where everyone wants to know what everyone else is up to. Especially with celebrities making their lives so public these days. Just be careful what things you say, share, and your privacy when using social media. You never know who’s looking at your information.


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