Why EVERY Business Should Get on Board with Social Media

Whether you are aware or not, the way we communicate as humans evolves with technology. From the first cave drawings, to hieroglyphics, to a written language, phone and now computers, communication has become more of a collective medium. Everything is being  communicated in real time. Technology pushes us forward everyday. In communication, we talk about everything going on in our daily lives. While some people are slow to adapt and others dont want to and even those who are still clueless, it is crucial that a business incorporate social media.

In my recent trek for a part time serving job, I was surprised how many owners/managers are clueless about social media. I would pull out my phone and show them their business on foursquare, yelp, or even google maps and what people are saying. Sure, businesses have been thriving for a long time without these social applications. The thing is, when you can see what people are saying about you in real time, you can react in real time and help things run smoother. These platforms become one of the most powerful form of marketing; word of mouth. As more consumers are on their smart phones and computers talking about their experiences, you need to be in there participating. Every brand has customers and the more involved you are in talking to them, relating with them, the better you’ll do in the long run.

So get involved, looking into Social Media and how it can help your business. Figure out what people saying about you and take the time to respond back. A customer loves to put a living, breathing person as a face to their favorite brand. Show you really care.


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