What’s Your Twitter Influence?

If you are aware or not, Twitter has become a powerful medium for communication in the social media world. Twitter can be used for many things. From following your favorite celebrity’s daily routine and posts, to your favorite brand to all of your best friends, twitter can become a crucial part of how you live your life. One of the biggest things about Twitter is something about reach and influence. When I say influence, I’m talking about how often something is retweeted. A retweet is simply a post someone makes that is passed on from person to person.

There are many websites out there that use various methods for calculating all sorts of numbers tied to reach and influence. Just because you have a large number of followers, it doesn’t mean you have a lot of influence. Celebrities seem to have largest influence of course over the Twitter as millions of people can be following them at all times. Here are a few websites that allow you to see who all the major influencers are over Twitter as well as ways for you to increase your influence.

The first is a site called http://www.wefollow.com. The website shows you the top twitter users as well as separating influence over various categories, say musicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and so on. You can enter your information as well as tags you want to listed under.

Second is a site called http://www.tweetstats.com .This site shows you when when you tweet the most, how often, who you retweet the most, reply to as well the application you tweeted with.

Third we have Tweet Effect. This application is a little different then everything else. This one shows your individual tweets and how many followers you’ve gained or lost during the period of those tweets. This helps you gain an idea of what you may be saying right, or wrong.

Fourth we have reach. Reach is very important. This site tells you your reach as well as the number of impressions your last tweets have made. It also shows the impressions through those who contributed to your tweets.

Lastly we have Twitilyzer. This website calculates your influence as well. It also calculates the quality of your tweets, and velocity. It also allows you to compare yourself to others and create charts.

So go out there, Tweet, say something interesting, retweet something interesting. Follow whose who have a large influence. Then measure your influence to see how you stand amongst the ranks.


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