Sharing Is Caring

While Facebook leads the social networking revolution and other companies are trying to find their own ways with their own niche, Apple has decided to take its own place in the game of social media. Today Apple launched PING, a social networking aspect to be incorporated into iTunes. While fans are already tweeting about their favorite artist, or taking part in a fan pages, Apple is adding something different to the mix. Ping adds a different set of features. While iTunes users can choose to FOLLOW their favorite artists, they also can stay up to date with tours and other things that might be going on. As well as following, people can share this information with their social peers. This allows a friend to listen to thirty seconds of a song you might recommend. This also helps suggests new music to friends as well and any other iTunes recommendation you may have. Since Apple has 160 millions users already connected, its a great leap for the company, granted most people plug in. This feature is included in both the desktop and mobile versions of iTunes.

A similar application that you may or may not heard of is called GetGlue. This application lets you share what music your listening to, as well as movies, books, topics, wine, and TV shows. Like other applications, it offers incentives called “Stickers” for something such as checking into True Blood while its airing on TV. This application also gives you suggestions based on what you’re already listening to or watching as well writing reviews on whatever you may.

How do you share your favorites with your friends?


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