Working in a Restaurant

Thanks to location based applications and sites like Groupon and the newly launched GroupTab, the world of restaurants, bars, lounges and cafes are changing the way things are done. Word of mouth advertising is more readily available as people can see what places are within their vicinity, read reviews, see pictures or even find out about special deals that may being going on at one of these locations. You can share with friends, see where friends are, what they’re saying or even share with complete strangers. You can find the best deals which weren’t available before. It also allows businesses to drive more business by offering special deals in their location through check-ins, mayorships or group deals. As more people adopt to smart phones, anything is possible. This is where the businesses need to step in and start taking action. In a way, it also can put places under more scrutiny. This allows people to post reviews and tips in real time as well as read them on the go. If your establishment is lacking, and a few bad comments go up, it could keep potential customers away. This is another reason establishments need to be up to date with this technology and know what people are saying and do their best to remedy any problems that might be going on under their nose.

From working in restaurants, heavily publicized and not, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that a lot of people are not aware of. If you haven’t worked the service industry, you may be possibly oblivious to a lot of things you would have not thought twice about. The problem could be with your server, the kitchen, the chef, the line, lack of communication or plenty of other things. Sometimes you need to be more patient and understanding, other times you have the right to be upset and mad. The big thing though is always the server. There always has to be constant communication if there’s something off key. If something is taking too long, comes out wrong, it’s the server’s job to be mindful, respectful and constantly aware of what’s going on. The server should have a general knowledge of the menu, the winelist, specials, etc. Its hard though to expect the server to know what everything tastes like. Ive worked in a few places where we were never given a chance to try anything on the menu, if we did, it was an extra or a mistake, same with dinner specials and wine. Hopefully if its a nice enough place, the server would have, but not always. If there is a lack of communication and the server seems unaware of what’s going on and is straight up ignoring the situation, that’s when you get a manager. Keep in mind, service industry workers are like any other person in the sense they have good and bad days, good and bad moods. Yes, when you work the job, there is supposed to be an understanding that anything personal stays at home. This isn’t always the case and it happens. If a lot, a decent establishment should be aware of this and the person won’t be working there. Granted there are some places that probably don’t care. Just think for a second of what’s going on before you write that review, call for a manager or dock that tip. Those people all depend on your money to pay the bills. Some places as well require a part of the tip to go to bussers, hosts, bartenders, server assistants, etc. With all this in mind, enjoy your next meal out on the town and things don’t seem to be going as perfect as you may want. In an ideal situation, everything goes perfect and no problem exists. On the other hand, if its busy, be patient and a little bit more understanding . Bon Appetit.


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