The search for a job…

Welcome to NYC, the place of dreams and opportunities. As Alicia Keys sing:

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you”

A part of it is true. I came up here with no prospects and ended up with an internship in a direction I  really wanted to pursue. Thats good, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The thing is of course, it doesn’t pay. You can’t exactly live in NYC without an income, and boy it does not come cheap. So the job hunt is still on. What’s my experience? The service industry, waiting tables, fast, easy or sometimes not so easy money. It can be stressful or like, easy. New York City is supposed to be high volume, high pace, classy and cool, at least the upscale parts of it. My experience, high volume, tourists, always busy always packed from open to close. I was taught southern hospitality, charm, a balance between great service and being able to turn tables. I understand the train of thought of the NYC way of life and the south. The thing is, my clientele in the South, weren’t southern. I dealt with people all over the country and then some. Why does every restaurant, or most want NYC experience, what is the big difference. So someone who has amazing experience in say L.A. isn’t qualified to work in an equally busy establishment in NYC. It’s unfair and ridiculous. The service industry in NY is skewed and one-sided. Granted there are places that will hire outside of NYC experience, but they aren’t the more popular, bustling establishments. Time is not of the essence, I need the high volume to make what I need. I don’t have years to build experience.

Then theres bartending. For high volume, its even more difficult. It can be amazing money, more then serving. People spend a lot more on alcohol then food. For a lot of places they want countless years of experience. There is a way around it of course, there are NY bartending schools that train you and give you a license. The thing is, it isn’t required to have one to bartend in NYC. What exactly does the photo id prove. Apparently it can help with job placement where otherwise no one would consider you. At $299, a license and job placement isn’t bad if it can get you making good money. That’s what I’d like to do. Unfortunately I’ve most of money and can’t my hands on it. My parent’s don’t support the idea of bartending. Ideally, theres no difference serving, pushing and selling drinks to people with their meals, then making them and selling them on a stand alone basis. I love it. I need to figure out how to sell myself to these establishments. Countless applications and interviews and still no job. My dad recommends McDonalds, “its a job” he says. Really, yeah dad, that would be perfect on my resume, and will pay for a decent apartment in a decent neighborhood in NY. Cheers to that.

Oh yeah, I’m also trying out to be an extra in MIB III tomorrow. There making a third film, imagine that. New ideas for movies are scarce these day, so they make sequels and trilogies. Not that the second Men in Black was that great. Filming starts the middle of September in NYC. So lets see how that goes. Over and out.


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