New York Impressions

Alright, alright. So where do I start. Let’s see, I’ve been in New York since Sunday morning officially. Growing up in CT, traveling to the city was no stranger to me. I was always pretty shy throughout school and whatnot. I went down to Georgia for school. Again, I was pretty shy and kept to myself. When I found myself looking for a job, a restaurant never really occurred to me. Having to talk to people, and at a tourist attraction, I mean, that was a huge step. The Lady and Sons was a huge leap for me. I was pretty much forced to tear down any walls of being shy and become talkative and friendly. This was the South, Georgia, I was working for the so-called Queen of Southern cooking. Paula Deen was southern hospitality. It was all about a bubbly, outgoing, friendly personality. I would put on a smile and treat every customer like family. For the most part, people ate it up. You of course couldn’t always make everyone happy. Anyways, thats my background. We put the hospitality in the hospitality industry.

Now NY has the reputation where people are rude, self centered, selfish and everything else of the sort. My first day in the city I met a girl at a pub, got her number, and I talk to her on occasion. I also met a few other people in the subway and talked to them. Not bad for first impressions. Then the job hunt. Times Square made sense. Tourists flock there from all over the country, the world. I can handle it. So I interviewed at a few places. I filled out my applications, and proceeded to interviews. I explained my experience at Paula Deen’s and they all looked at me crazy, like I didn’t belong there. I could have sworn thats what they should be looking for. Every one I interviewed with was rude from the get go like they didn’t want to be there at that moment interviewing people, like they hated their lives. Its the hospitality industry, be hospitable. NYC needs to take a lesson from Paula Deen and the idea of southern hospitality. Smile a bit, be friendly, care, it makes people feel better, maybe brighten up there day. Hopefully one of these places appreciates southern charm. I even tried offering help with social media marketing and online, but that didn’t help either.

Maybe NYC isn’t the place for me to be, for now its good for work opportunity. Everyone is always rushing to be here or there, down the street, through the subway. Apart from Central Park, Manhattan is just gross. Each burrough is different in its own way. Only time can tell what will happen in the future. Im done for the evening, over and out.


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