Here I Am

I’ve made the move. I sold everything I owned, packed up and left Savannah. I never looked backed, never has second thoughts or regrets. It’s weird, I don’t miss it, at least not yet, I don’t really miss anyone. Any good friends I had no longer lived there, so there was no one to miss. It turns out I had a friend in Brooklyn I hadn’t talked to in a while that let me stay with him in Brooklyn, in Bushwick. My first impressions on the neighborhood were a little skewed, but not I think it should be alright. I still would like to find somewhere a little nicer, a little more my style. Walking through Greewich Village and Chelsea proved amazing. Beautiful neighborhood, nice homes, places to eat. I’m sure though it’s pretty expensive to live there. I really do need to find a job, most likely food service so I can actually have an income.

As of now, Joe Ginsberg is on hiatus. I have’t talked to them since Thursday. I have no idea how first impressions went. I feel like they expect a lot out of me for an unpaid internship. Then again it is experience, something to put on my resume. That is of course if it turned out successful in the end. I’ve never actually applied myself to real world situations and projects. It’s just been what I’ve learned in school, read in books, heard from professors, or wrote about. I should probably contact them though about what I’m up to if they’re still interested in me. At the same time, I have that phone interview with Cara from Buzz Builders in two hours. I’ve never had a phone interview, and again with someone so young who hasn’t been at the company that long. I wont discredit her, it’s kind of cool, I applaud her for that. I just wish I had such a great start into the workforce instead of in and out school, changing majors. The traveling I don’t regret. It did cost me an arm and a leg and I’ll be paying for it with all the other money I owe. I did meet some cool people, made international connections in case I travel to those countries and have somewhere to stay and someone to show me around.

With yesterday being my first day living in NY, I met a girl, talked to her for a while, got her number. Not sure If a friendship will come out of it, but just knowing I was able to meet someone that quick and talk to them is a big step. I also had an interview with a restaurant already, Planet Hollywood, in Times Square. I don’t think I got it, I’m sure they’re looking for someone with more NY experience, who knows the area. I’m sure most of the people that come in are tourists and want the know the area and I have nothing to tell them really. I wasn’t really prepared for it anyone. It was last minute. I saw an ad on Craigslist and responded to it. This morning they also had a post for the same open house again tonight, maybe they didn’t find what they were looking for last night. I have no idea how many people they are screening, they must be looking for some amazing servers, haha. Oh well, I have a little money, so I need to find something quickly though. I still have my student loans to figure out, and some other things.

I really need to stop talking about my boring life and get a real blog going. Once I have a job, an internship, then I can start talking about things that interest me, like advertising and marketing, SMO and Social Media. Life is too stressful right now. Over and Out.


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