Almost There

Hello world. It is currently four in the morning and I am up as usual. I really need to work on my sleeping habits if I want to start working the professional world. Going to bed at four, five am, waking up after noon just wont cut it anymore. As it is, I have two full days left in Savannah and I am really nervous. I still have a bunch of packing to do, things to get rid of, maybe some loose ends to tie up. I arrived in Savannah fall of 2004 with just one suitcase and now I am leaving almost six years later with pretty much the same. I’ve sold and gotten ridden of everything I’ve accumulated over the past six years. All the furniture and electronics I’ve collected. I’ll miss my XBox and T.V. the most but I can live without them. As long as I have my laptop and my iPhone, I’ll be just fine.

I tried so hard to get away from Connecticut after high school and now I’m returning. It’s a weird thought and still don’t know how to feel. I don’t care about making friends in the area or rekindling old acquaintances. I need to work to make NY work for me. As soon as I get there, I need to head into the city and start looking probably serving jobs and find a way to make travel and saving work for me so I can relocate to the city. As for internships, I still don’t know how the possible one @JoeGinsberg will workout. I still need to sit down in person and discuss the details to see if I am exactly what he is looking for. I’d rather try to intern with a consulting company or a business that already has social media people working for them, so I can work and learn from them. I am by no means ready to jump into the world of social media and branding by myself. And still, I don’t have my degree. I honestly can’t afford to finish what SCAD wants me to do, I’ve already borrowed an insane amount of money I can’t afford to pay back and If I borrow what I need to finish somehow, its going to put me way in the red. I feel like I’m in a hole I can’t get out. I just need to work harder at what I want to do. Hopefully through more networking on twitter, someone will help me find the internship I’m looking for. I did get a message from a company saying if only you were in NY and not GA we could help you out. I wrote back saying I’ll be up there in a few days, but I’ve yet to get a response. Hopefully something of the sort will work out. I know what I want to pursue, I just need to work, work, work. I love Brands, the idea of building brands, making them work, building relationships and connections with clients, and keeping the marketing mix in line with the Brand. I want to help new companies, old companies, struggling companies succeed in such tech savvy world. Where information is available at your fingertips 24/7 and you can pretty much find anything you desire with milliseconds, and people connect with other and discuss everything over the internet through social media, brands need to know how to sift through it all. I would like to become a brand builder, a brand manager, a social media consultant, a teacher, a leader, a friend, someone to trust and listen to. I want to succeed.


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