Down into the single digits before heading north. Crazy. Twitter is such a crazy app, I mentioned the author of the book I’m reading and responded to my tweet, crazy. And so it goes. Went to a party with everyone from my old job, it’s weird, I was there 4 yrs, and it felt like I never left those people, I bet none of them read this blog. It didn’t really matter if i said bye to them or not. Also, the company i really wanted to intern with fell through, they email me saying they’d love to set up an interview, I say cool, and that was it, no response to my email, so I left a message when i called, no answer to that, how considerate of them. I was really passionate about and i told them about it, oh well.
I also really need to get out of serving, depending on peoples generosity and how busy the establishment is really sucks. Today my favorite tips were somewhere between 5 and 10%, never have I seen it so low, especially since I had been averaging 20-25 lately. Some girl tried to show me a fake saying she was born in 67, a 20yr posing as 43 yr old woman, right, like i would believe that. Oh people are ridiculous. Hopefully change will be good and I can get a fresh wind and new perspective. Cheers…


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