You’ll never know what can happen if you don’t try new things. Sometimes we get stuck in a hole and we complain about how we’re stuck, yet we aren’t trying to get ourselves out. This is a problem I have been a part of as well as many people that I’ve know. You’ve got to take risks sometimes if you want to get somewhere new in life. You can’t complain about not being able to get a job with your college degree if you aren’t willing to go where the work is. You should have known in the first place where opportunity was and where you might have to go to find it. I know some people are content with their simple lives, while others always seek constant change and excitement.

I’ve come to realize that most of my family are the ones content with their simple lives. They stay in the same place their entire lives, never caring to get out. They don’t try to travel anywhere. They don’t seek an education a thousand miles from home just get away and experience something new. They don’t even own a passport. I, on the other hand, was the oddball. I needed to get away for school. I felt cooped up, I couldn’t breathe. I went about a lot of things the wrong way, not thinking things through clearly. I never budgeted my money the right way, planned my education all the way through. Didn’t know want I wanted to do for a career someday. I dabbled here and there, took money I should have been saving for school and used it to fill my passport with stamps. On one hand, I regret putting all that effort and focus into one thing, and not into the one that would last me my entire life. Because of that, I have an enormous debt, more then anyone else I know and just now Im figuring out what I want to do and how to pursue it. Most of that knowledge is from self education, books, blogs, role models, the internet and personal experience. Granted, there were some courses that helped drive that passion I have now.

On a second note, I got some traveling done while I was still young. I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to do those things again. On my trips, I had some amazing adventures. I met some amazing people, and thanks to social networking, I’ve made international contacts from 6 continents and we still talk on occasion, sharing experiences and photos. If I’m ever in those places, I have people to see and places to stay. Same with them, they’re more then welcome to stay wherever I am and I will show them a good time. I also saw some amazing things  I would see nowhere else as well participate in activities I could part in nowhere else. These trips, these people helped me make who I am and place me where I am today. For every action, there is a reaction. So I am content with the decisions I’ve made for the most part.

Over the past six years I have seen so many people come and go. I’ve lost friends, made new ones, lost those on, and so on and so forth. The cycles keeps going on and on. People come and go, they graduate, they move on. I know its time for change, its overdue. I haven’t been happy in Savannah, again, I feel cooped up, not being able to breathe, and its affecting me. There just isn’t enough variety here anymore, its the same thing day in and day out, nothing ever seems to change. I’m glad I’ve decided to sell my belongings, pack up and head north.

I’ve been looking for opportunity for about a month in NY, nothing too exciting has come along quite yet. I have a potential internship with an interior design firm. Its mainly for credit and for my own portfolio. Last night I stumbled upon an internship with a company, maybe more a community, a service. I’m not sure what to refer to it as, but it places everything the city has to offer in one easy accessible location. From clubs, to parties, shows, venues, concerts, restaurants and more, it gives reviews and events going on. You can find pretty much anything you’re looking for. I thought it was an amazing opportunity and its as a social media intern. How perfect is that. I keep saying I’m sick of the same old thing day in and day out, now I have a chance for lots of change. With all the excitement for change and a passion for how social media is changing the way the world interacts with each other, its a perfect match. So I was up until 5am putting together a resume and cover letter about I feel about social media and what it means to me. Within 6 hours I got a response to set up an interview. I responded saying I won’t be in town for two weeks, but that I am excited to if they’re interested in having me. Now I just need to sit and wait to see what happens. I have a chance for an interview, I’m really nervous, I’m not sure exactly what they’re looking for. I have a lot work to do, get everything in order.

Its again five in the morning and I’m tired, so its time for bed. I’ve got my fingers crossed this whole thing works out. Im a firm believer things happen for a reason. Here’s to taking whatever comes my way.


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