Engage. What exactly do I mean by engage? Engage is actually the book I currently reading to enhance my social media marketing skills per se. Where I can’t be educated through professors, the class room, the real world and whatnot, I must achieve through books. As often I can, I am reading, reading, researching, taking notes and doing some more reading. I tend to be learning quite a bit from these books about the world of social media and it can apply firsthand to real work experiences. None of these people claim to be experts and make it a point to make the reader aware of this. Social media is constantly evolving and changing which makes it difficult for one to have a large enough to give themselves the title of social media expert. I have my favorite authors on the matter, bloggers and entrepreneurs. They are my role models. As I educate myself on the application of social media in the marketing world there are still a few things I need to work on. As I write blogs and proof read as well as reading book after book and blog upon blog, I hope to better my writing skills and vocabulary. Writing is a big part in social media world as blogs are very important in the way we communicate.

It’s important to build credibility and trust between the brand, well, the people who run the brand and the consumer. Through social media this can be accomplished through thorough detail and application. One must pay close attention and truly listen to what is going on around them, what people are saying and the right way to respond. As FB hits the 500 million mark, it is one of the best ways to get through and interact with the consumer in order to build personal relationships. A FB page for a brand must be more then a brand, it needs to become the face of the brand, a living, breathing person. As as twitter pages where consumers can know what is doing on with their favorite brand as well as the brand being able to listen in on what the consumer is saying and responding back to it in a personal manner. P.R. can become personal, any negative feedback can be dealt in a timely manner, instantly if possible, with thanks to how fast social media works. The internet is a vast and amazing place for the world to interact with each other.


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