A Bit of This A Bit of That

As I count down my days left in Savannah, I wonder what comes next. I’m glad this new restaurant job is temporary cause its so slow compared to the last one. The people I work with are a lot more laid back then at the Lady and Sons, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t be able to get free drinks from the bar the old place, thats for sure. I’ve been cut like 3 times in the last week. With this free time, what is there to do? The time has been good for many things. It gives me time to read and blog, write and research anything and everything about social media. Everyday I follow more people on Twitter, tweet, retweet, mention, post links. I’m learning quite a bit, now I need somewhere to apply all this information I’ve been consuming and apply it to real world situations, learn how it all really operates and works together. Reading books and wikis and blogs can only go so far.

Coming from a design background, jumping into something different is quite the adventure. I’m not quite sure exactly how it will work out since  I for one don’t have my degree yet and I have no formal education in the matter of online marketing and social media. Hopefully some company will give me a chance for an internship and I can shine through that.  I of course still plan on getting my degree. It is kind of a buzz kill though that after 6+ years of undergrad, still no degree and an obscene amount of student loan debt.

As it goes, I’m pretty nervous, scared, excited and about everything else in between when it comes down to emotions over this whole next step in my life. I really am passionate about what I want to do now, I just need to put the right foot forward and work as hard as I possibly can, so no slacking off. I need to work on my writing skills, for blog sake, resume, cover letters, P.R. and N.R., since thats a part of social media marketing. I need to sound like I know what I’m doing, as well as actually knowing what I’m doing. It would be nice if I knew someone in the industry to get advice from, as is, I do not, so it looks like I am on my own this time around. So much to do, so much to do.


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