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Oye, life can move pretty fast when you want it to. It can be a good thing. I had been trying to find an internship in NY and hadn’t gotten any responses back from anyone. So finally I posted my own ad on, about how passionate, how driven I was to do what I want to do. And now I’m selling all my stuff and heading back north to pursue it. I think thats dedication. I might as well continue my education in the field. Then again, aren’t we always learning as we go longing, well, at least as long as we’re progressing and open to taking new ideas. The first company that responded was found by an artist, which is cool because I come from art school and it’s something I’ve been around quite a bit, and I can be passionate about they’re doing. I still need to learn more about the company, its a interior design firm, modern, surface fabrications, textures, really interesting, different, unique, something that will make you stand out. At the same time, modern is considered sleek, smooth lines, textures, simplicity at its finest. Thats where you break through. The companies clients seem pretty large in the commercial. Then there’s the sister company, furniture, lighting, rugs, fine art photography and paintings. I just hope they want me enough to wait for me to get all my stuff old, or packed up and shipped home. I want this more then anything right now. I wont miss Savannah, or anyone here, I don’t feel like I belong here anymore. Its time to move on.


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