My First Blog/Post

Lets see, its 4:33 in the morning, never in bed before 5, sometimes 6 for the last four weeks. Ever since I lost my old job and I couldn’t sleep and had no initiative to get up early to do anything productive. Anywho, I’ve found one, serving again, always said the last job would be the last of the service industry, a comfortable little cushion that had me ensnared. Once out of the cage, I was like a domesticated pet let into the wild, completely lost and confused. Six years after starting college, no degree yet. My declared major, advertising, but advertising in the creative sense, lets me be creative, do some print, film, interactive. Most people out of department go and get jobs as a CD, AD, Copywriter, a designer of some sort. Thats not what I want, Im more interested in Branding, Corporate Branding, Marketing, PR, Account stuff. The question is, how? I haven’t the money to get my BFA in Ad, I’m stuck paying crazy student loans for all of my indecisiveness and my current job isn’t going to bring hardly any of the income I was making, not that it was going to be my career. Oye, what a mess. All of my bills are behind cause I lost my job, everyone wants money. I need to sit down and call every one of them tomorrow. So now I’ve been looking online in NYC, seems to be lot of opportunity for what I want to do, a lot of companies and business there, a fair amount of internships available. How can I sell myself though with my background, don’t exactly have a BA in marketing, or even advertising. My portfolio isn’t amazing, still needs a lot of work. So I starting selling my stuff to pay bills and save to pack up and move to NYC, well, to my parents who live outside the city for now, I think. Nuts. Insanity. Madness. I seem to have no good friends down here to tie me down, been out of school for almost a year now. Theres no really no point staying here. So I work on my portfolio, create new things, work on selling myself. I’ve really become interested in Social Networking in the Branding world. The BrandBuilder being my main inspiration right now. So I’ve said a lot for my first post. Need some time to think now. Sigh….


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